Connie Chappel

Portfolio: Embodiment

Embodiment Series 

These assemblaged sculptures find inspiration in ecofeminism and in the writings of Sylvia Plath's landscape poetry, notably her poetic representation of the tree and its roots.  The work references ecofeminist theory on the historical connection between ecology and women that advocates preservation of life on this planet by rejecting exploitation and emphasizing collaboration between human beings and non-human nature.
Unusual juxtapositions of artificial and natural objects investigate the idiosyncrasies of organic growth, decay and exhumation processes.  Fragments transform from one material, structure, or state to another. They suggest aspects of the human condition such as adaptation, diversity, self-generation, and the material evidence of history having passed. Redeemed natural salvage unearths human intervention in the otherwise inhabited world and embodies the inescapability of physical death.
Embodiment will be exhibited in a solo show at aceartinc. Winnipeg, opening April 26, 2019.  Thank you to the Winnipeg Arts Council for generous support.