Connie Chappel

Portfolio: Animism


Animism is a longitudinal study of site-specific installations: objects (rings) planted in nature.  Each ring, previously owned by a deceased family member, is exposed to changes inherent to both the object and natural environment. 

Eventually, nature will possess the invading body in order to establish its growth.  The ring, placed between two living forces - tree trunk and branch - and under the influence of the open environment, will disturb the tree structure and the environment will disrupt the ring complexion.  Over a period of time, the trunk and branch will thrive and encapsulate the ring. Alternatively, the ring will impinge upon the tree growth and possess the branch. 

Through photography I will document the effects of the ring placements. The interaction between human intervention and natural forces parallels the interaction between foreign invasion such as toxins, germs, rogue cells and the human body revolt against it.  Structural changes evoked by the placement of a foreign object will become apparent.  These effects are part of my study into mysteries surrounding energy in the natural environment which I use as a metaphor for expressing human disease and death.